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Hair Care Tips

  • Brush your hair daily with a wide tooth comb from end to roots, this will keep your hair from tangling.

  • After any chemical service give your human hair a hair treatment using deep conditioner for hydration to prevent hair from breaking off.

  • We do not recommend exceeding temperatures of 370 degrees with curling iron. This can cause damage to your human hair and unwanted split ends.

  • Do not perform a chemical service without the supervisions of a professional stylist. You may cause irreversible hair damage.

  • Use a spray bottle with water and conditioner everyday to keep curly and deep wave hair hydrated and detangled.

  • Wash your hair IMMEDIATELY after you have been in any water that has chlorine in it. It can cause your hair to Matte and lose its texture if you let it sit.

    Do not go to bed without wrapping, braiding or placing a sleeping cap on your head to protect your hair from tangling and matting.